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Welcome to The SPORT Foundation and SPORT Clinic site. We are here to help you or your child through any injury that may occur. If you are a high school, college or recreational athletes The SPORT Clinic is here for you. We have been taking care of athletes for over 33 years. Every day we are excited to have the opportunity to help you. The clinic will “not” be open for the noon – 1pm hour any more, this way you will not miss school anymore. So I’ll see you at the 6am to 8am Monday thru Friday. You “must” be here 30 minutes before the clinic closes to be seen. You will still be able to get sports physical at noon from Monday thru Thursday from Noon – 1pm for $30.00  cash

If your school or your team needs help with sports injuries, let us know we are here to help you. From prevention of ACL knee injuries in girls’ sports, to helping you get through the very confusing health care systems. The SPORT Clinic and it physicians are here for you. We have many concerned, but know there are solutions for the concern we have, when you put intelligent people together for a common cause and that is our goal every day.

Education is the backbone of the SPORT Clinic - I have been teaching in high school, college and speaking sectors for years. I pride myself in setting guidelines for the safety of your athletes.

Concussion are here and The SPORT Clinic has been on the cutting edge for the evaluation, treatment, prevention, education and implementation of what is needed to be done at the schools. It is time for a change, if someone says there is no such thing or they don’t exist– it is time to separate your child from that coach, because it is not a safe environment.   It is important for coaches and parents to understand the concussion basics, as well as the steps to prevent and properly care for concussed athletes. According to the Center for Disease Control, a concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury typically caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head. A concussion can also occur from a blow to the body that causes the head and brain to move quickly back and forth. This sudden movement of the brain can damage brain cells and create chemical changes in the brain.

Misinformation is what we want to prevent…… we care about each one of your athletes individually. We know that no two athletes are exactly the same, nor are their injuries. Therefore, no two athletes should be treated the same. We pride ourselves on providing an individualistic approach for each concussed athlete. The diagnosis, proper evaluation, treatment and safe return to play program are the cornerstones of The SPORT Concussion Clinic.

Let us share our knowledge with you. Please go to our concussion tab for more information.   Any questions e-mail me at

To make an appointment at our concussion clinic please call 951-682-5661 and ask for the “Concussion Clinic”.  To take the best care of each person calling ahead for an appointment is important.

Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you on the sidelines!

Jim Clover, MED, ATC, PTA, CES

The SPORT Clinic

6am – 8am “M – F” be here at least 30 minutes before clinic is close to receive a treatment with your evaluation. (Also every Saturday’s from August 27th till December 3rd you must me here at 9am to be seen) We have been treating High School to Professional athletes for 30 years (If you’re not from a contracted school and have a sports injury…you can still be seen for $40.00)  More

First Aid & CPR

Dates, times, locations and what is offered for each class.

Physicals ($30.00 cash only)

A convenient way to get cleared for athletic competition by a licensed physician - Times 7am-8am and Noon-1pm Monday thru Thursday none on Friday, if you are under the age of 18 you must bring a parent or guardian, get here not later that 7:45am or 12:45, see you there. Times, and locations and a printable form

Athletic Injury Evaluations

available for all, done by a Certified Athletic Trainers. Youth, recreational and athletes not covered by school contracts.  Initial evaluation $40.00, any further treatments $25.00 each visit (cash only). The hours are 6-8am “M-F” no appointment needed “walk in” – make sure you are here 30 minutes before clinic closes.

Orthopedic Evaluation through Community Medical Group of Riverside

Looking for an evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon? Contact Community Medical Group of Riverside and make an appointment with their qualified physicians. (Fees discussed at time of appointment) Other services also available. or call 951-682-5661

Practical Applications in Sports Medicine

2015 Dates coming in November

The Inland Empire All Star Football Classic
2014/5 date coming soon to feature top senior football players selected from more than 100 high schools throughout Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. More…

CIF Wrestling Certification

The SPORT Clinic has CIF Certified Assessors that perform the Bioelectrical Impedance assessment needed to compete for high school. M-F  6am -8am or noon-1pm or Saturdays @ 9am until Dec. 3rd $10.00 cash More…

Practical Applications in Sports Medicine Presentations

All presentations that where given to us to share, are on a DropBox. If you didn’t get access to it, please let me know and I will provide that for you.

 Contact us at

High School Program Ad - Black & White pdf file

Full page ad for your high schools program in pdf format. Click to download.

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