Riverside Medical Clinic – Concussion Clinic

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Charles Ballard, D.O. Eastvale Clinic 12742 Limonite Ave. Eastvale (by appointment only) (951) 739-2712

Michael Saito, M.D. Brockton Clinic 7117 Brockton Ave., Riverside (by appointment only) (951) 782-3682

We offer a comprehensive concussion evaluation using the latest testing measures currently used by the NFL & NCAA. Our board certified physician and neurologist led team has been trained to not only diagnose concussions, but also tailor a treatment plan that will allow the athlete to safely return to play. We utilize various forms of assessment tools such as ImPACT, BESS and SCAT3. Our plan may include;

  • Diagnosis
  • Information about recovery
  • Help with returning to daily activities, work and sports
  • Consultation with our doctor and other providers involved in your care
  • Assessment of rehabilitation needs and help arranging community services
  • Communication with schools and employers if needed
  • ImPACT Baseline concussion testing
  • SCAT3
  • BESS testing protocol

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