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Physicals & Athletic Screenings

Athletic Screening $30.00 Cash Only*

The SPORT Clinic (4444 Magnolia Ave.) performs a basic health screening for athletes wishing to participate in athletic or recreational activities. No appointment is necessary during the scheduled hours of 7-8 am and 12-1 pm “Only Monday Through Thursday — sorry none on Friday or Saturday”

You can call (951) 682-5661 ask about other times for $35.00.

  • Medical History Interview
  • Functional Orthopedic Screening
  • Flexibility
  • Eyes, Ears, Nose, & Throat Check
  • Heart, Lungs,

Bring your schools completed form or download ours.

*For an additional fee…

Hernia Screenings will be an additional $10.00

Patients can be referred to The Industrial Clinic and checked for the following;**

  • Blood Tests
  • Urinary Analysis
  • Vision
  • Hernia
  • Other Diagnostic Testing by Arrangement

**Each additional screening procedure will incorporate a separate charge. Patients are urged to inquire about charges for services before they are performed.

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